Introducing new machine by VladBlad Irons workshop! Long-awaited novelty is compact, lightweight and multipurpose rotary machine for any kinds of work, for any tasks and styles.

Ultron C is the perfect solution for any artist! Why? Because it's powerful as a direct drive and stable as a slider.

Long sessions with this little machine will be comfortable and pleasant. What are you going to do? Thin and wide lines, soft and hard shadows, large-scale color packing? Be sure it's nothing Ultron can't handle!
MagStick is our special lightweight carbon bar with a magnet which is easy to attach to a bearing inside of the machine.

Ultron comes bundled with two MagSticks of different lengths for working with different grips.
We've made a special solution for attachment of cartridge bar to the machine. Now you can use our reliable MagStab system which allows to stick a bar (MagStick) fast and easy.

Make the slightest little movement and Ultron is ready for stable hourslong work. Just pull the MagStick out from the machine to remove it.

Magnet part of the MagStick is attached to the bearing. It works as the slide and stabilize the needle. However, mechanical action produced on the motor is much lower than in a classic slider rotary machine. This is the reason why Ultron C is powerful as direct drive .
Voltage: 6-11V
Weight: 56g (2oz)
Supports any configurations of cartridges.
Compatible with Cheyenne Hawk adjustable grips.
Emphasize your own style. Choose one of this awesome colors to bring out your dentity!

We've made 3 fancy colors besides our classic basic black.
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Basic black